Club Galen exists because some people like to hang out together, yo. S'not a big deal, really. We're just a bunch of pals who are almost all from the AGS community and we're going for a relaxed, easy-going not taking anything too seriously kinda mood here. That is not to say that we don't have serious conversations, quite the contrary, we have a lot of them, but we also have high tolerance for silliness. Obviously that doesn't mean you should act as obnoxious as possible either. But goofing off is as welcome here as being serious.

And for those that want in on the joke behind the title:

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BrutalSlakt: o.O
Galen: that's really a given
Galen: for
Galen: think of a better name
Galen: I vote Club Galen
Galen: All against say 'nay'
Galen: ...
Galen: It is unanimous then
Peder has changed the topic to: "Club Galen"

A part of the decision to form the Club was a silly misunderstanding in the past, which now doesn't really matter . We're just glad to be here. It seems we really like what we've got.

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