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"The goodness of the true pun is in the direct ratio of its intolerability." - Edgar Allan Poe

What we are:[]


Welcome. This is Club Galen.

Club Galen, the sublime IRC channel of true connoisseurs of humourous discourse. It's #clubgalen on You can join it using any IRC client (here are some recommendations and opinions of our members).

Or just join using your browser if you're feelin' lazy: using mibbit or using kiwi.

The club is named after Galen, obviously.

It is loosely related to AGS, gaming and Game development.

The staff and some of the regular visitors.

Club Galen exists simply because we're a bunch of people who enjoy hanging together. If you're curious, you can read some extra background info.

We have a bot named Sally. Visit her page if you want to get familiar with her commands or just type "Sally help" in the chat.

What we dun do:[]

What we dun done:[]








Where we dun do it:[]

What we dun developed:[]

How we dun do it:[]

  • The first rule of Club Galen is to always speak about Club Galen
  • The second rule of Club Galen is the second rule of Club Galen
  • The third rule of Club Galen is to relentelessly mock tumblr-folk and Babar
  • Please don't casually spoil things unnecessarily and without warning, don't spam excessively (especially during actual meaningful conversations) and don't be a dick to anyone on purpose too much, thanks.

our best jokes[]

  • Three strings walk into a bar and the first one orders a drink. The barkeeper says, sorry, we don't serve strings here. The second string thinks, well, maybe if I am really polite... and he orders a drink most politely. The barkeeper almost blushes and says, sorry, you're okay, but really, we don't serve strings here. So the last string hops around, messes up his hair, makes a total mess out of himself and bounces back to the bar, ordering a drink.The barkeeper looks at him and asks, say, aren't you a string? "No, I'm a frayed knot."

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