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Historical factsEdit

Pretty accurate, the AGS Awards started when Grundislav was a virgin, and now he's not. So wow, much time. Many people have won AGS awards,

Time bomb unthinkable

The basic idea behind AGS Awards

sometimes, people forget to stop winning and the awards glitch, and someone takes all the ags awards and everyone claims

that the awards aren't what they used to be. Anyhow, SSH hosted them, they were boring, bici hosts them, they are boring, but now we get to see lesbians. The whole idea was to mock some shitty game about two bimbos that wanted to indulge themselves in hot waxed lesbian sex, but instead people were stupid and thought this was about attention. 

AGS Awards WinnersEdit

Everyone who never partecipated and instead rolled in pussy, like Galen for example.

Galen's date on the first AGS Awards